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FERGUSON TEA20 – c. 1954

Ferguson TE20 - 1954

The Ferguson TEA20 was one of the most versatile small tractors ever built for use in agriculture and industry. The tractor could be fitted with a wide range of attachments such as a front-end loader and a grader blade. It…


Emerson Brantingham Restoeration 1

The tractor was manufactured by Emerson-Brantingham Co Inc., of Rockford, Illinois, USA which was founded in 1852. It had advanced its tractor production by buying the Gas Traction Company in 1912 and with it the Big 4-30 or Model D…

DEUTZ F3M417 – c. 1949

Deutz Diesel F3M417 - 1949

This tractor is a larger version of the F2M514. It was manufactured by Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz of Koln in Germany and tested at Marburg, Germany in March 1952. The rated horsepower of the tractor was 38.2hp. It is not known how many…

CHAMBERLAIN 45KA – c. 1951

Chamberlain 45KA - 1951

The Museum’s Chamberlain 45KA began its life as a 40KA but was upgraded to the later model. It was built at the Welshpool, WA factory of Chamberlain Tractors. Only 108 tractors were manufactured of this model built in 1954 -1955,…

CHAMBERLAIN 9G – c. 1962

Chamberlain 9G - 1962

The Chamberlain 9G was the most common tractor produced by the Chamberlain firm with some 6462 9Gs finding their way onto the agricultural market. This tractor was built at the Welshpool, WA, factory of the Chamberlain group. The Champion gained…


Caterpillar D2 - 1951

The Cat D2 was regarded as a small crawler tractor which was manufactured in Peoria, Illinois in the USA from 1938 to 1957. Over 26,000 of these tractors were built in this time. WA Distributors (1956): Wigmores Limited, Guildford. Technical…


Caterpillar 2 TON 1928

The Cat 22 was manufactured in the USA from 1934 to 1939 and over 15,000 were built in 2 models – 1J and J. The Museum’s Crawler is a 1J model. WA Distributors (1947): Wigmores Limited, Guildford. Technical Specifications: 4-cylinder,…


Caterpillar 22 - 1934

The Caterpillar 2 Ton crawler tractors were manufactured in the USA from 1925 to 1929. They were a continuation of the Holt 2 Ton tractor after Holt and Best, who were the founders of Caterpillar, decided to merge their competing…

CASE VAC – c. 1947

Case D Model V.A.C.

The Case VA Series, produced between 1942 and 1956, was a new series of tractor that replaced the Case V series. It shared no major components with its predecessor. The “C” in VAC indicated a dual wheel tricycle, Rowcrop model.…

CASE LA – c. 1951

Case LA - 1951

This model had similar specifications as the C and L series but it had Case magnetos and was initially offered with steel or pneumatic tyres. They were produced from 1939 until 1953. WA Distributors (1947): Winterbottom Motor Company Ltd, 199…