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Case 12-20

CASE 12-20 CROSS – c. 1923

The Case 12-20 was built between 1921 and 1927 with 9,237 being manufactured. The tractor was innovative in having a 4-cylinder engine mounted across the chassis, hence the “Cross Engine” name. This was also long before this style of installation became popular in motor vehicles. The engine was started on petrol and once warmed up would be switched over to kerosene, due its lower cost and ready availability. WA Distributors (1947): Winterbottom Motor Company Ltd, 199 St Georges Terrace, Perth.

Technical Specifications: 4-cylinder, 4-stroke petrol/kerosene engine. Bore 4⅛” and stroke 5” at 1050rpm producing 17hp at the drawbar and 25hp at the belt.  2 forward speeds 2.02mph and 3mph. Weight 4,450lbs.                                                                              

History: This tractor was restored by Mr Ron Wessels of Boddington.

Hugh Manning exchanged the parts of five Case Tractors of similar vintage, collected over a long period from all over the State, in exchange for a fully restored tractor.           

Case 12-20
Case 12-20