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Mr. Hugh Manning

Hugh Manning

Hugh Manning And The Bulldog Lanz D1706

Brief History

The Hugh Manning Tractor and Machinery Museum Inc was the brain child of the late Hugh Manning, who with the support of Alcoa of Australia and the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale, succeeded in founding the Museum. It opened on 18th September 1993.

Today, the spirit of Hugh Manning continues through the commitment of many volunteers who work enthusiastically to maintain and develop Hugh’s legacy to the district. The Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale still provides active and continuing support for the Museum, which is much appreciated by members and visitors. Bendigo Bank is a continuous supporter and recently a grant has been received from the Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGA) to create this website.    

Tractor Progress
The Dream

The Museum was a long held dream of the founder Mr. Hugh Manning, who had been an avid collector of Agricultural Tractors and Machinery since the 1960’s.

Hugh and his many friends got together to bring this dream to life and with a lot of discussion, sponsorship from Alcoa of Australia and the Serpentine/Jarrahdale Shire who made available land in Wellard Street, the first steps to bring the dream to life were taken.

The Reality

It was at this time the dedicated army of volunteers jumped in – site works, sand carting, landscaping, steam cleaning and the restoration of tractors and machinery got started, and after much hard work from many people it all came to fruition on September 18th, 1993.

“The Dream became the Reality and will continue growing today and into the future”.

The Future

In 1994, the Museum won the Australia Day Award for ‘Community Event of the Year’. We are very pleased and proud that our efforts have been recognised.

In February of 2004 Hugh Manning passed away, but with the ongoing hard work and dedication of many volunteers past and present, his dream lives on and continues to grow.

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