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Emerson Brantingham Restoeration 1


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The tractor was manufactured by Emerson-Brantingham Co Inc., of Rockford, Illinois, USA which was founded in 1852. It had advanced its tractor production by buying the Gas Traction Company in 1912 and with it the Big 4-30 or Model D tractor (some details provided by The company later became a part of the J I Case tractor business.

Technical Specifications: 4-cylinder, 4-stroke petrol engine. Bore 5” and stroke 7”. Gears: 3 forward and 1 reverse.   Output at belt was 35hp and at the drawbar, 35hp at about 900rpm. 

History: This tractor belonged to John McRae and was used on his farm. At the end of its normal tractor life, he used it to power a chaff cutter. The main chassis was complete but the engine was not running and much of the metal work was severely rusted. It had a 44-gallon drum attached to the front of the chassis, in place of the radiator, to provide water cooling for the engine. Some members of the Museum are currently doing a lot of work to get the tractor back into its original condition.


Emerson Brantingham Restoeration 1
Emerson Brantingham Restoeration 1
Emerson Brantingham Restoeration 1