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Category Tractor

CASE 12-20 CROSS – c. 1923

Case 12-20

The Case 12-20 was built between 1921 and 1927 with 9,237 being manufactured. The tractor was innovative in having a 4-cylinder engine mounted across the chassis, hence the “Cross Engine” name. This was also long before this style of installation…

BRISTOL 20 CRAWLER – c. 1950

Bristol 20 - 1950

The Bristol 20 is a crawler tractor that was manufactured by Bristol Tractors Ltd, at Earby via Colne in Lancashire, Great Britain. Technical Specifications: 4-cylinder, 4-stroke petrol/kerosene engine. Bore 3⅛” and stroke 3⅜” producing 19.6hp at drawbar and 22.7hp at…


Bristol - 1935

The Bristol Crawler first appeared on 4th July 1935. It was a compact crawler manufactured by Bristol Tractors Ltd, Blake Hill Works, at Idle, near Bradford, in Great Britain. The company had a complicated history, at one period controlled by…