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Chamberlain 9G - 1962

CHAMBERLAIN 9G – c. 1962

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The Chamberlain 9G was the most common tractor produced by the Chamberlain firm with some 6462 9Gs finding their way onto the agricultural market. This tractor was built at the Welshpool, WA, factory of the Chamberlain group.

The Champion gained a significant following in 1957 when a Champion 9G was “Tail End Charlie” in the Around Australia Mobilgas Trial. As the recovery vehicle, it assisted scores of rally competitors and towed damaged cars a total of more than 1600kms. To achieve this statistic, the 9G travelled over 17,790kms during the Trial, over some of the roughest roads in Australia. It proved a great promotion for this West Australian built tractor. 

Technical Specifications: 4-cylinder, 4-stroke L4/270D Perkins diesel engine. Bore 4.25” and stroke 4.75” producing 62hp at the belt at 2,000rpm. Gears: 9 forward and 3 reverse, with a maximum speed of 27mph (c. 43 kph). Weight 2060 lbs.                                                                                

History: This Champion 9G was donated to the Tractor Museum by Mr David Bartlett of Karnup. The wide driver’s bench seat and optional cab with which this tractor had been fitted, were innovations in their day. Air conditioning was not an optional extra!

Now in regular use for the Museum, the tractor has been restored to full functionality, a far cry from its condition when received at the Museum, when it had panels and some components missing. A great West Australian product!

Chamberlain 9G - 1962
Chamberlain 9G - 1962