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Winget by Pederick - 1962

WINGET 42 – c. 1962

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The WingetCompany was founded in 1908 by John Burn using moulds to cast concrete and other garden tractor requirements. The Winget 42 was designed and developed by Winget in the UK, but was built here in Western Australia, under licence, by Pederick Engineering, Wagin, WA. Pederick operated in Wagin from 1928 to 1991 and specialised mainly in machinery for rural purposes.

The first model was released in May 1966 using their concrete-carrying dump truck as its basis. The tractors came in 3 versions. Series 1: hand operated 3-point linkage, Series 2: hydraulic operated 3-point linkage and Series 3 with front end loader.

An unusual feature of this tractor was its absence of electrics (although an electric starter motor has been added to the Museum’s tractor). This was because a special model was developed by Winget for use at airfields to tow aircraft, fuel tankers and similar objects needing a spark-free environment.                        

WA Distributors (1962): Pederick Engineering Company of Wagin (WA).   

Technical Specifications: Lister single cylinder 8hp air-cooled diesel, of 552cc.  3 forward speeds 1.26, 3.1 and 7mph. 1 reverse 3mph. 9” drum brake with manually operated diff lock and auto release.          

History: This tractor was built by Pederick Engineering for use by BP Australia to service aircraft. The transmission was made by Winget, but the wheels and bearings are Holden parts and the framework and its assembly were made by Pederick.

The machine was in good running order and was fully restored by Hugh. He named the tractor “Carole” as a tribute to Carole Williams who had been a hard-working secretary from the inception of the Museum. She used to drive the tractor quite regularly on start-up and field days.

Winget by Pederick - 1962
Winget by Pederick - 1962
Winget by Pederick - 1962
Winget by Pederick - 1962