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West Ho! - 1955

WEST HO! 4hp ENGINE – c. 1945

Australia Flag

This motor was produced in Western Australia by one of two sources: Kays Engineering Pty Ltd of 38 Catherine Street, Subiaco or the proprietor of the Overgaard’s Boatshed in Claremont. The advertising provided by Kays Engineering suggests that this company produced the engine. However, there is also evidence that the motors were manufactured at Overgaard’s. Please watch this space!

The engine itself is quite interesting. It is a 2-stroke, single-cylinder engine with the block and head cast in one unit and fitted with a Wico magneto. The engine was started with a leather strap wound around the clutch housing. The carburettor is a simple model found on many small motors of this era.

The engine had a small, brass water pump attached to the flywheel. There were several inspection ports covered by brass plugs. The flywheel has a clutch attached that was activated by a handle (missing) but if you look carefully at the photos, you can see the brass blocks that were shaped to grip the flywheel and engage. Judging by the lack of wear shown by these brass blocks, this engine did not have a hard life.

Technical specifications: This appears to be a motor of about 150cc. Bore about 2½” and stroke 3” producing about 3½-4hp at about 800rpm. 



West Ho! - 1955
West Ho! - 1955
West Ho! - 1955