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Ransomes MG5 - 1953


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The MG5 was built by the firm Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies. They were designed to operate in small orchards, vineyards and market gardens. A total of 15,000 of the MG series were eventually built, becoming Britain’s number 1 selling crawler.

Advertised as being able to do the same work as 2 Clydesdale horses, it cost £AU390, new, in Australia.

The MG2 was released in 1936 and superseded by the MG5 in 1949. The tractor was upgraded to the MG6 in 1956 with an 8hp engine and 3-speed gearbox. This was followed by the diesel MG40 in 1960. PTO and 3-point linkage became standard in 1951. Production was ceased in 1968.

Technical Specifications:   Single-cylinder, 600cc air-cooled, side-valve Sturmey Archer engine. Bore was 3.42” and stroke was 3.79” giving 7hp at 2200rpm. It utilised a centrifugal clutch that energised the tractor at 600rpm, just above idle. 1 forward and 1 reverse gear. Weight 1400lbs.

History: This tractor was one of the first of the small garden tractors to be used in Australia and it had many applications, one of which was trimming ilmenite in a ship’s holds in Gage Roads off Fremantle. Exhaust gases were removed from the hold using a flexible snorkel.

This particular tractor was purchased from Hart’s fuel store at Gosnells. At the time, it was not running due to magneto trouble. The steering brakes were reconditioned and the magneto repaired. The tractor is now in good working order.

Ransomes MG5 - 1953
Ransomes MG5 - 1953
Ransomes MG5 - 1953
Ransomes MG5 - 1953