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Portable Milking Machine - c. 1955


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The portable milking machine on display was used on small farms with 1 – 4 cows. It originally had a Villiers petrol engine but has been converted to an electric motor to help show the functions of the parts, that is a vacuum pump, pulsator, teat cups and claw.

This version was cheap to buy, with fewer components to maintain in comparison to fixed milking machines. Like all milking machines, it required thorough cleaning after each use, applying the motto: Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

History. This portable milking machine was used on the Hugh Manning Farm at Mardella W.A. A history of the family is displayed at the Museum. The Milking Machine was donated by Darren Manning (Hugh’s Grandson).


Portable Milking Machine - c. 1955
Portable Milking Machine - c. 1955
Portable Milking Machine - c. 1955