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McDonald Imperial T6


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Alfred Henry McDonald built Australia’s first tractor in 1908 at Richmond Victoria. In 1969 the company eventually merged with Jaques Bros and the name disappeared.  Only 20 examples of the T6 were built between 1946 and 1955 at a high price of £AU2,200 each.

After World War II McDonald realised it had to modernise the tractor so it fitted a separate chain drive and clutch to drive an independent PTO, being the first manufacturer with this feature. Problems with bearing lubrication and the clutch were eventually rectified with the model T6C. Horsepower was upgraded to pull either a 6-furrow plough, a 20-tyne scarifier, 30’ harrows or a 24-run combine.

While the T6C proved durable and light, McDonald ceased production of tractors in 1955 to concentrate on road rollers and construction equipment. 

WA Distributors (1947): The State branch of A.H. McDonald & Co Pty Ltd, 38-42 Munga Street, Perth.  

Technical Specifications:  Single-cylinder, 2-stroke semi-diesel crude oil engine. Bore of 9¼”, stroke of 10” producing 48hp at the belt and 29hp at the drawbar at 600rpm. Gears: 5 forward and 2 reverse. Weight 8,064lbs.                                                                               

History: This tractor was purchased in the late 1970s from its original owner, Frank Ward of Burracoppin, after he had retired to the city. Hugh heard about the tractor on the bush telegraph and started negotiations.

The tractor had been standing in a paddock for years and had no tyres. Tyres were fitted and the tractor was winched onto the truck for transport back to Mardella where its restoration soon began.

The first stage required all the fuel and oil lines to be thoroughly drained and cleaned and checked for corrosion. The hot bowl, fuel injector and exhaust were removed and checked for operating and safety reasons before any attempt was made to start the tractor.

This tractor is a very interesting machine as it was built in Australia and was classed as a diesel even though it had a hot bowl start. It also has a spark plug set into the hot bowl. The spark is produced by a buzzer coil and battery for starting with petrol. The engine is also in a reverse position so that the head of the engine, and the hot bowl, are at the driver’s feet.

McDonald Imperial T6 - 1940
McDonald Imperial T6