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K L Bulldog - 1950


German Flag

The KL Bulldog was based on the Lanz Bulldog tractor design, originally developed in 1921 by Dr Fritz Huber and was manufactured by Heinrich Lanz AG in Germany. With the total destruction of the German tractor factory during the War, Kelly and Lewis took over manufacturing of the 40hp version in Springvale, Victoria.

By 1949 Lanz started importing their smaller 25, 35 and 45hp versions and selling them alongside the KL. In 1952 Lanz increased the compression ratio to 10:1, removed the hot bulb and introduced petrol fuel and spark plug ignition. John Deere took over the complete Lanz production in 1956 and discontinued the tractor and Lanz name in 1960.

Technical Specifications:   Single-cylinder, 2-stroke engine using crude oil fuel. Bore 8.86”, stroke 10.24”, with 44.2hp at the belt and 41hp at the drawbar.  To obtain reverse, the engine was started in opposite direction on early models. 

History: Purchased from the widow of a Bullsbrook farmer who had intended restoring the tractor himself.

This K. L. Bulldog was built by Kelly and Lewis in Victoria. At the time it was apparently claimed that the Australian-built version did not wear as well as the German-manufactured version – but despite this reputation the tractor has fared well in the hands of the Museum.

K L Bulldog - 1950
K L Bulldog - 1950