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McDonald SE Super Diesel - c. 1940


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Alfred Henry McDonald founded the company in 1904 doing general engineering work, eventually manufacturing engines, tractors, dairy equipment and road rollers.  The company went into limbo when their founder passed away in 1963, eventually merging with Jaques Bros in 1969.  The Museum has an excellent collection of various McDonald engines which are described separately.

On display are McDonald SE engines which were the smallest of the Super Diesel range and the last of the S series with the Brons-type fuel system. Made from 1931 to 1949 producing 2hp at 500rpm. They were ideal for driving the Mac milking apparatus such as Cream Separators and vacuum pumps. The early S series were modified with removable liners and were branded as SD models, followed by the SE version that was introduced in 1939 with a HP increase to 2.5hp, an enclosed crankcase and wet sump with an oil pressure pump.

Technical Specifications: Single- cylinder horizontal, enclosed crankcase, 4 stroke diesel, 3.5” Bore 5” Stroke 2.5hp at 600rpm.

History: McDonald made their first engine in 1903, eventually becoming the biggest manufacturer of engines in Australia with around 13,000 being built before production ceased with the sale of the Company to Jaques Ltd.

McDonald SE Super Diesel - c. 1940
McDonald SE Super Diesel - c. 1940