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McDonald FEB Super Diesel - c. 1945


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The McDonald FEB engine on display was the largest of the Super Diesel range with the Brons type fuel system. They had an enclosed crankcase with a wet sump and a Manzel lubricator.

History: The F series began in 1919 with an open crank design and were changed to an FE model in 1942 when the crankcase was enclosed and the drip feed lubricators were replaced with a pressure oil pump. The FEB models were brought out in 1945 with an improved crankcase and oil lubrication system. Eventually they were discontinued in 1954 with the introduction of the FPI model with Bosch fuel pressure injection.

Technical Specifications: Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, horizontal, enclosed crankcase diesel. Bore 5½” and 7” stroke producing 5-6hp at 500rpm.

McDonald FEB Super Diesel - c. 1945
McDonald FEB Super Diesel - c. 1945