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Hornsby and Sons Petrol Engine - c. 1912


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The Museum’s 9.5hp Hornsby engine was imported from the UK by Harris Scarfe & Co and arrived in Fremantle on 31 October 1919. It was on-sold to the Doolette Estate, Mardella in 1920 to pump water from the Serpentine River for flood irrigation. In 1951 it was moved to another location on the river and pumped until 1960 when the electrical grid arrived in the district.

It sat idle on the river bank (see photographs) until 1986 when Museum founder, Hugh Manning, and member, Frank Gill, removed it from the river bank and restored it to the original condition as shown in the photograph.

The engine takes pride of place in the Collection and still has an occasional run on the Open Days and special events.

Technical Specifications: Bore 6” and stroke 18” developing 9.5hp.  “Hot Bulb” starting assisted by low tension magneto ignition.

Hornsby and Sons Petrol Engine - c. 1912
Hornsby and Sons Petrol Engine - c. 1912
Hornsby and Sons Petrol Engine - c. 1912