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Hart Parr E 16 30 - 1925

HART PARR E16-30 – c. 1925

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The 16-30s were built at Charles City, Iowa, USA in 2 versions: Model E & F with gearing being the only difference. They were built from 1924 till 1926 and cost $US1,350 new. All the Hart Parr tractors had the same starting procedure and were able to be worked on from the standing position.                                                                         

Technical Specifications:   2-cylinder, 4-stroke petrol engine. Bore 6 1/2” Stroke 7” producing 16hp at the drawbar and 30hp at the belt at 850rpm. Gears: 2 forward speeds 1 reverse.   Weight 6,200lbs.                                                                                

History: The MacCuish family bought the Museum’s tractor new from the state dealer, Mallock Bros of Perth, in 1925. It was used on their Watheroo farm “Wadina” until 1948, when it was parked because of a burnt-out exhaust valve. The introduction of more modern tractors with pneumatic tyres which were much easier to drive than the Hart Parr with its cumbersome steel wheels, also contributed to the sidelining of this tractor.

Hugh Manning acquired the tractor for the Museum in 1978.  and with the help of a Lotteries Commission of Western Australia Grant, brought it back to life. Apart from sand blasting and painting, restoration involved the replacement of the burnt-out valve, a new radiator and spark plugs.

This all took time – especially the valve. Hugh eventually created a replacement using an exhaust valve from a marine diesel which he cut to length, turned collet grooves and machined the valve to fit. A new wooden floor was built under the driver’s seat. Final painting was completed by Frank Hayward and Stan Nail.

The tractor joined the Museum in 1994.

The original owner Bill MacCuish and his nephew Tom, attended its official start up on 19th February in 1995 and had great pleasure with taking it for a run. Bill and Tom also presented the Museum with some spares for this tractor: a spare magneto and a grease gun with a special attachment to fit the Hart Parr’s grease nipples.

In Trundle, a small Central West town NSW, the former local agent for Hart Parr tractors, Trundle Motors, still advertises this brand of tractor (see picture).


Hart Parr E 16 30 - 1925
Hart Parr E 16 30 - 1925
Hart Parr E 16 30 - 1925
Hart Parr E 16 30 - 1925
Hart Parr E 16 30 - 1925