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Hanomag - R40 - 1945

HANOMAG R40 – c. 1945

German Flag

Hanomag tractors were first built in 1924 when the R26 model was released. The company was based in Hanover Germany and was founded in 1835, making steam engines. They also branched into motor cars, trucks and earth moving equipment in 1931. Eventually the tractor division was sold to Massey Ferguson in the 1960s with production ceasing in 1971.

As the firm’s advertising at the time stated: “The growth of the Hanomag organisation is reflected through the performance of their tractors … exported to more than 70 countries …” (Power Farming in Australia, 1947).    More than 250,000 tractors were built in many sizes from 12hp to 92hp.

WA Distributors (1956): E.C. (Joe) Hancock, 157 Lord Street, Perth.

Technical Specifications:   4-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel in-line engine producing 45hp. Bore 105mm and stroke was 150mm. The maximum engine speed was 1200rpm. 24v electric system. Gears: 5-speed transmission with 11.6mph the top speed. 

History: The history of this tractor is not well known but has been in the Museum collection for quite a few years. 


Hanomag - R40 - 1945
Hanomag - R40 - 1945
Hanomag - R40 - 1945