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Fordson Model N - 1927

FORDSON MODEL “N” (CORK) – c. 1927


The Irish “N” Model Fordson tractors were produced from 1928-1933 and followed on from Ford’s very successful first model “F” tractor, released in the US in 1917. Outwardly both models looked the same but the cooling system was upgraded on the “N” with a water pump and the replacement of the troublesome trembler coils with a Bosch magneto system. Front tin wheels were also replaced with cast iron ones.  

WA Distributors (1947): Lynas Motors Ltd, Perth. 

Technical Specifications:   4-cylinder, 4-stroke, side-valve engine. Bore 4⅛” and stroke was 5”. Output was 16.9hp at the drawbar and 23.87hp at the belt at 1100rpm. Gears: 3 forward and 1 reverse. Fuel supply was either a Kingston kerosene vaporiser or a petrol Zenith carburettor. Weight was 3375 lbs.

History: When Ford decided to make tractors in Europe, its initial production was carried out in Cork, Ireland until the new factory was completed and functioning at Dagenham, Essex, England in 1933. The choice of Cork may have been influenced by the fact that John Ford, Henry Ford’s grandfather, had migrated from Cork in 1847 to make a new start. But there were probably other social and business reasons for this choice. 

Where did this tractor come from?

Hugh Manning heard that Dave Rowley of Keysbrook had this tractor for sale and Hugh subsequently bought it around 1979. The tractor was sitting in a paddock on a farm that had been owned by Mr Rowley but had been resumed by the Water Authority for extensions to the North Dandalup Dam catchment area.

Loading equipment in the field often required some ingenuity and in this case the tractor was winched up on the ramps into the back of the truck.

Restoration was carried out by Hugh Manning and Frank Hayward and required a replacement radiator and overhaul of the magneto and carburettor. The air filter, which was of the water bath type, was cracked and had to be welded. The engine was in good running order but the transmission required further attention.

Sand blasting and prime coat painting was paid for by a grant from the Lotteries Commission of Western Australia. The final painting was carried out by Frank Hayward and Stan Nail.

Significant features for this model:

  1. Water bath air filter
  2. Reputation … It was said that this model tractor was associated with a number of fatalities. If the plough it was pulling became caught on a stump the engine would continue to drive the transmission, the lugs on the wheels would dig in causing the tractor to stand up on its rear wheels and very quickly fall backwards onto the luckless driver.  


Fordson Model N - 1927
Fordson Model N - 1927
Fordson Model N - 1927