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Enfield Twin Cylinder HO2 - c. 1956


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Enfield was better known for its motor bikes. “Royal Enfield” started producing a small diesel engine in the 1940s, bringing out the HO2 in 1950. The design was unique in being air-cooled with two horizontally opposed cylinders that were tailored for marine application. They eventually found their way into stationary engine usage.                                                                                       

Technical Specifications:  Capacity: 1135cc. Bore 85mm and stroke 100mm producing 15bhp at 1800rpm.                                                                                                                       

History: Royal Enfield was founded in 1886 for the manufacture of bicycles, eventually building motor cycles from 1901. Military versions were made during WW1 and WW2 and carried the logo “Made Like a Gun” that became the company logo. With sales falling the company was dissolved in 1971 but the name lives on with the manufacture of the Enfield motor bike in India.

Enfield Twin Cylinder HO2 - c. 1956