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Chapman Pup Marine Engine


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This engine was built by Harris, Scarfe & Sandover Ltd Perth W.A. under license from Chapman & Sherak N.S.W. This was a petrol 2-stroke motor used in an inboard configuration for wooden “Putt-Putt” boats. They had a unique patented “Bounce” start method, where the flywheel was rotated against compression instead of cranking. The engine could also be switched into reverse without stopping by the simple reselection of the distributor ignition lever, doing away with a gearbox.

Technical Specifications: 2-cylinder, 2-cycle, water-cooled engine with magneto ignition. Two sizes of twin-cylinder motors were produced 5/7hp and 10hp.                                        

History: Graham Chapman founded the company in 1908, later taking on his apprentice Joe Sherak as a partner in 1928. They started producing the Chapman Pup in 1926 and in the 1930s a license was issued to Harris, Scarfe and Sandover to produce the engines in W.A.